Dickies is classic North American Workwear adopted by different subcultures,
strongly associated with the West Coast.
One thing all these groups have in common is that they have chosen Dickies because they stand for anti-fashion. Simple, relaxed, rugged garments that are stylish but never fancy.

Back in 1922 when C. Don Williamson started a small family company with his father and cousin we doubt they could have imagined just how influential what they were creating would be. Williamson-Dickie Mfg. went from a small manufacturer of bib overalls to become the largest manufacturer of work clothes in the world.
The authentic dedicated users have influenced the rest of the world and created Dickies as the poster boy for a no-nonsense brand that is a little rough around the edges. Dickies has become so much more than just Workwear in the term: clothes just to work in. It has become part of so many various ways of expressing yourself and your specific lifestyle.
One thing is for sure, almost 100 years after the company’s introduction, workers all over the world, whether they are tattoo artists, skaters, custom bike builders or construction workers, still choose Dickies as their number one choice when it comes to durable, functional, rugged garments that are stylish but never fancy: quality clothes for hard workers!

Dickies will always stay true to its identity and vast heritage with its classic's such as the bib overalls and the Original 874 chino but also evolving this with trend into their European collections!