Colombia has the highest number of reported refugees in the world. In total 7,2 million people have been displaced, mainly within the borders of Colombia.

The huge number of internally displaced people, is mainly caused by a violent and armed conflict that the country has suffered for over 50 years. Despite the signing of the peace agreement last year, the situation is still critical, with a 10% increase in internally displaced people from 2016.

The Red Cross gives young people in Colombia better opportunities than a violent gang life. Support and inspiration towards education and jobs, as well as room for creative outlet are in focus. The Red Cross in Colombia has a high focus on teaching leadership and social skills, to give young Colombians the right tools to peacefully deal with conflicts and life in general.

Carlings For Colombia
Carlings chose to work with Red Cross in Colombia because they are doing an amazing job with their Urban Violence Projects all over the country. The crime rates are massive. Young people are murdered every day. We want to tell the world about what The Red Cross are doing to help.

The Red Cross are:
• helping young Colombians out of gangs
• preventing young people from joining gangs
• inspiring young people to alternative lifestyles other than the gang lifestyle
• teaching young people leadership skills, social skills and peaceful street negotiating (mitigating)

Want to help?
In 2016 Carlings managed to raise 1.150.000 NOK. So far in 2017 we have raised 1.305.000 NOK
If you want to help Colombian youth for a brighter future, you can either visit your local Carlings store OR donate some money to: IBAN NO84 Account Number 7058 06 67927